Mold tooling

IZHREST designs and produces high quality Moulds of all types - for plastics, aluminium, polyurethane, rubber, etc. (injection moulds, blowing moulds, 2-component moulds, die-moulds, etc.)

IZHREST has established itself as a leader in the industry by providing tooling expertise from structural parts to Class A finishes. We have the capability to design and produce automotive, appliance, trucking, construction, agricultural and garden tooling from small to large moulds.

IZHREST is known for its highly skilled employees and their ability to work with the customer through all stages of a project, from the design to the production of moulds.

All manufactured mould components are CNC-machined. We have the tryout machine capability to match our customer's needs. Computerized die simulation facilitates the tryout process. Capability studies are conducted to ensure that the customer's quality standards are met.