About Us

Russian Plant of Dies and Moulds «IZH-REST» is situated in Izhevsk, Russian Federation.

«IZH-REST» starts its history since 2001 and nowadays it’s one of the leading suppliers of high-quality tooling in Russia. During 18 years our enterprise accumulated huge experience in field of design and producing of tools, which confirms European and international standards. Our enterprize is working on the basis of precision tooling, high technology and top philosophy of mould and dies design. «IZH-REST» established itself as a reliable and conscientious partner.

The maximum possible weight of tools is 25000 kgsize - 5000 х 2500 х 1000mm.


Our main strategy – is Development of our production, including all the departments and manufacturing stages.

Our team is high-qualified specialists – 150 employees, including: 1) R&D Department 2) Technological Department 3) Machine operators 4) Toolmakers 5) Quality controllers

Our plant is located in building with area 5600 sq.m.

About Us

Our specialization:

1. Stamping Tools of all types (Progressive tools, Transfer tools, Tandem tools, Forging tools)

2. Moulds of all types - for plastics, aluminium, polyurethane, rubber, etc. (injection moulds, blowing moulds, 2-component moulds, die-moulds, etc.)

3. Checking Fixtures and Gauges of all types

4. Sheet metal stamping

Our enterprise has all the resources needed to preparing of production. Preparing and organizing of production is mostly automated and it allows in short time create design of tool and lead it to production. During all the manufacturing process we have a traceability system which allows us to check manufacturing status of each product at any moment.

In order to create design of Tools we're using SOLIDWORKS and AUTOFORM software.


Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Our quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

We’re providing stable quality using:

1) Warning inconsistencies

2) Qualified staff

3) Using modern equipment and control and checking methods

4) Mutually beneficial relation with our suppliers.

Certificate № Q-8740/19.


Equipment list

Our enterprise is equipped with different kind of machines, that helps us to produce and maintenance of tools by ourselves:

- Milling CNC machines accuracy 0,01mm, overall size 5000 х 2500 х 1000mm;

- Vertical lathe D=1400mm, L=1000mm;

- CNC lathe work D=1600mm, L=1000mm;

- Coordinate-boring;

- Milling under 5 t. max. overall size 1000 х 1500 х 2500mm;

- Electric erosion machining accuracy 3 um by cutting and broaching machines (overall size 1200 х 800 х 500mm).

- Coordinate Measuring Machine “Global image”, Optical 3D Scanner “Steinbichler”.